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The Full Story


3rd Generation Construction Pioneers

Our Director Sofoclis, started out in the construction industry at the age of 7 through his dads small but successful construction company. He is a 3rd generation contractor and businessman. Sofoclis' family in Cyprus are focused on developing real estate, architecture and engineering and have designed and delivered some exemplary projects.

Millrock London LTD is the byproduct of many years in the industry through some successful and unsuccessful ventures.



MILLROCK LONDON is built on a solid foundation and we believe that in order to deliver the best to our clients, we must be experts in what we do. Honesty, Integrity, and Respect are at the very core of what we do every day. Our core values shine through from our very first contact all the way through to the final stages of your project.


We are excited about the future

To continue developing our brand through new challenges and offer our clients the best possible service. We want to lead the future development and innovation of the built environment. Our vision is to continue our professional development and take on new and efficient strategies. We are excited about the future of property and construction, and we see ourselves at the forefront of technological innovation. 

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